Earl Klugh
The Spice of Life

Howard Tate

Babbie Mason

Joe Gransden
Close to My Heart

The Frank Reda Trio
Because She Said So

Randy Hoexter

Papamichael World Group
Mass Appeal

12 Stone Church
Greater Than Life

Bethany Dick
Bethany Dick

Candi Pearson Shelton
Haunted By Eden

Jen Carrozza
Rust & Velvet

A Midnight Clear

Bradford Rogers

Word of God Speak

Diane Durrett

Cooper Tisdale
A Little Something

Ami Sandstrom Shroyer
40,000 Reasons

Mark Ruffin
Rich Man's Dime

Dave Scott
Goin' Home

Ed Bolduc

Lorraine Hess
Cradle In Bethlehem

The Avant Garde Dogs
The Avant Garde Dogs

Erik Grant Bennett

Michael Ashworth
Follow Your Star

Geoff Scott Band
It's Time

Babbie Mason
This I Know for Sure

Darrel McGhee
Try To Remember

Rachel Wiggins
A Hundred Places

Kevin Wallace
Circles in the Sand

No Small Thing

Lauren Settembrini
Hope In This Moment

Christopher Sanderson
House of Worship

The Goodfight
The Goodfight

Dana Blackwood
We Shall Behold Him

Ocean Street
Ocean Street

Songwriter's Cafe
Worship Sessions 1

World Changers Worship
With My Life

Nick Longo
This is Nick Longo

Shout to the LORD Kids 2

Amber Brooke
Shades of Amber


Garrison Elliott
Letters Never Sent

Timothy Paul
Crayola Picasso

David Brian Smith

Mark Coughlin
Right Now

The Bill Hart Project
Watch the Sky

The Loving Mad
Life in the Fire

Hannibal Jones
Hollow Man

Tiffany Clark
Trophy Girl

KC Cherie
Fallen Angel

Every Breath

Kathy Smith
Turn it Around

Myron McGhee

The Neons

Verna Law
The Quilt

Amber Brooke
Don't Label Me

Aaron Thompson
10000 Angels

Bill Stewart & the ATL
Drum Crazy

Church of the Apostles
Apostles Praise 3

Church of the Apostles
Christmas Eve

Church of the Apostles
Apostles Praise 2

Tortoise and Hair
A Front Row Seat

Cooper Tisdale
Up From Down

Church of the Apostles
Live Volume 4

Cooper Tisdale
Live in Atlanta

Madi parks

Paul Tate
Unto Us

Mark Miller
The Gospel Songs of Blind Willie McTell

Eric Alexander
Credo (I Believe)

Church of the Apostles
Apostles Praise 1

Paul Douglas Sanner
All the Best Words

Peter Elizalde
Fantasy Lights

D. Frayne Bourne
The Time is Now

Audrey St. Clair
All I Need Is You

Larry Scott Chapman
Once in a Blue Moon

Tony Oliphant
I Asked Her For A Dance

Elyse O'Kane
With All My Heart

Matt Longshore
In Response

Joyce Gruschow
For You


Crossroads Church
Color of Grace

Sonya Shell
Still in Love